Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mondo Markets

A few years ago my local butcher, Vince Garreffa started up a "mini market" behind his store in Inglewood.

As a former Adelaidean, I loved the market culture and missed the Adelaide Central Markets. As a musician, I wondered how I could help Vince keep the momentum of his outdoor produce market going.

Vince has created a brilliant little foodie hub in suburban Inglewood with live European folk music organized by yours truly.

When you get there, order yourself a coffee from Mena Samios, grab a croissant from Kingsley and Chrissie Sullivan and explore this little gem tucked behind the Mondo di Carne butcher shop. Make sure you try Suzanne Saldahna's famous coriander chutney. Karrimah's chilli kasundi is also yummo as are Helen's Hellish Olives. Of course you'll have to check out the recently renovated butcher shop out the front as well! I love the Mondo pies but you'll also find other produce like gourmet cheeses and marinated octopus. And the meat is of course truly incredible with many oven-ready options for those who love good food, but are pushed for time.

The markets are a great meeting place to sit with a coffee and watch the world go by. It's a really fun start to the weekend and kids seem to love the live music!

The Mondo markets with New Norcia bread, freshly brewed Essenza coffee, and live music start again in 2008 on Saturday September 6th (WA Election Day). Thereafter every Saturday until December 13th.

Saturday mornings 9am to 12pm (Starting September 6)
824 Beaufort Street
Corner of 6th Ave and Beaufort Street
See the map below the piccies.

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