Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tiger Tiger Coffee Bar

Well, at the risk of overstating the case, this place makes me feel at home. There's free wireless internet, kickass coffee, cool music and even the outdoor space to smoke a cigar. Hedonism, community, caffeine all rolled into one neat little package. For amazing photos go to Matt's blog of Tiger Tiger.

Where is Tiger Tiger?

Icey Ice Snow Ice

I love this place. Often we're the only non Asian people in the place and that's just the way I like it! You can find them HERE

Sunday, May 27, 2007

ECCO - Rokeby Road Subiaco

After watching a great 5pm Sunday show at the Regal, we needed some nearby pizza and red in a cozy environment on a cold rainy night. We picked up a bottle at the Subi Hotel and marched towards Ecco where the wood fired pizza oven warmed our bodies and souls. We ordered grilled salsiccia (spicy Italian sausage), a potato and rosemary pizza on a creamy base and a napoletana with extra anchovies. Both the pizza bases we chose were with wholemeal flour. As we're chilli heads as well, we asked for some and were greeted with large containers of chilli in oil and dried chilli flakes. My wife's Italian and this was just like visiting her parents' place, in terms of the warm greeting we received from the staff and the expert cooking of Alberto, the pizza chef there. He, like all former residents of the Naples region cooks with passion and pride. He even brought us some delicious mandarins at the end of the meal to cleanse our chilli/red wine/ anchovy infused palates.

No fake ham toppings here! This place is GLORIOUS. There may be a wait due to popular demand, and the fact that good things take time. It's always going to be worth the wait.

23 Rokeby Rd
Subiaco 6008 WA
Phone: (08) 9388 6710

Monday, May 14, 2007

BioBean Coffee

BioBean Coffee

"Café Femenino, Dark Roast (Plunger or Espresso)
This coffee is a full-bodied roast from Peru, where the beans are grown and harvested by women." (From the BioBean website)
Just ran some through my machine this morning.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Yip Kee Noodle Restaurant

This is a wonderful gem in suburbia. Not what you'd call fine dining in terms of ambience, it's all about the food. Really authentic flavours and helpful service. Large Chinese family was there the night we visited. Always a good sign in my book.

Yip Kee Reviews

Little Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant

There's mixed reviews about this place, but we always love dining here. I love the hot and sour soup as well as the entrees and steamboats.

Delicate flavours, it's BYO only.

Little Saigon

Viet Hoa Vietnamese Restaurant

This place is always great. My favourites are the stuffed chicken wings, grilled prawn ball fresh spring rolls. As a main, Com Tam is a winner for me or Roast Duck Noodle soup. So too is the spicy Beef noodle soup and the combination Beef Hofun. The service is great and its BYO!

Very reasonably priced. You might have to wait for a table though!

See what others think of Viet Hoa

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Slow Food Perth

Pictured below
Kervella Goats Cheese

More Tea at the Dragon!

Another great session at the Dragon Tea House (after Yum Cha of course), with a private demonstration by Stanley who sat us down and poured some delicious brews of Tie Guan Yin which is very popular in Fujian. It has a gorgeous lingering tannic finish.

We also tried Osmanthus Oolong which is a flavoured green oolong. This is also available in its pure form, without the floral flavouring.

Lady Lan - a Ginseng Oolong was interesting with a licorice finish. Not my favourite, but might attract the sweet tooths out there looking for a ginseng pick-me-up.

Tea making implements were discussed and purchased including an ingenious device called a

Piao i Teapot

The conventional Zi Sha Tea Pot is pictured below. It's small and used for each of up to 7 or so infusions of each batch of tea, depending on the type of tea used.

Pouring away the first infusion removes much of the dust that forms in transit. The second infusion is the one you drink.

Many thanks to Stanley for his patient and friendly advice about the ways of pouring.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Dragon Tea House

Picture by Kees Boersma

Tea at the Dragon Tea House, 369 William Street Northbridge was a delightful experience and only a couple of steps from our favourite Vietnamese restaurant, Viet Hoa. Sandy and Jun were incredibly friendly and helpful. The scented floral teas excited our senses and the modest display of authentic Chinese tea sets reminded us of our visit to China last year.

Sandy and Jun have offered to show us how to use the tea set we brought back with us, and to sample some of their more exotic and recommended brews, with information about correct brewing temperatures according to the type of tea used. We chose Marigold tea (pictured) for our visit.

This delightful little gem is recommended for an authentic Chinese tea experience. A great place to meet with friends or to read the paper.

Dragon Tea House