Saturday, May 5, 2007

Dragon Tea House

Picture by Kees Boersma

Tea at the Dragon Tea House, 369 William Street Northbridge was a delightful experience and only a couple of steps from our favourite Vietnamese restaurant, Viet Hoa. Sandy and Jun were incredibly friendly and helpful. The scented floral teas excited our senses and the modest display of authentic Chinese tea sets reminded us of our visit to China last year.

Sandy and Jun have offered to show us how to use the tea set we brought back with us, and to sample some of their more exotic and recommended brews, with information about correct brewing temperatures according to the type of tea used. We chose Marigold tea (pictured) for our visit.

This delightful little gem is recommended for an authentic Chinese tea experience. A great place to meet with friends or to read the paper.

Dragon Tea House

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