Saturday, May 12, 2007

More Tea at the Dragon!

Another great session at the Dragon Tea House (after Yum Cha of course), with a private demonstration by Stanley who sat us down and poured some delicious brews of Tie Guan Yin which is very popular in Fujian. It has a gorgeous lingering tannic finish.

We also tried Osmanthus Oolong which is a flavoured green oolong. This is also available in its pure form, without the floral flavouring.

Lady Lan - a Ginseng Oolong was interesting with a licorice finish. Not my favourite, but might attract the sweet tooths out there looking for a ginseng pick-me-up.

Tea making implements were discussed and purchased including an ingenious device called a

Piao i Teapot

The conventional Zi Sha Tea Pot is pictured below. It's small and used for each of up to 7 or so infusions of each batch of tea, depending on the type of tea used.

Pouring away the first infusion removes much of the dust that forms in transit. The second infusion is the one you drink.

Many thanks to Stanley for his patient and friendly advice about the ways of pouring.

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