Sunday, May 27, 2007

ECCO - Rokeby Road Subiaco

After watching a great 5pm Sunday show at the Regal, we needed some nearby pizza and red in a cozy environment on a cold rainy night. We picked up a bottle at the Subi Hotel and marched towards Ecco where the wood fired pizza oven warmed our bodies and souls. We ordered grilled salsiccia (spicy Italian sausage), a potato and rosemary pizza on a creamy base and a napoletana with extra anchovies. Both the pizza bases we chose were with wholemeal flour. As we're chilli heads as well, we asked for some and were greeted with large containers of chilli in oil and dried chilli flakes. My wife's Italian and this was just like visiting her parents' place, in terms of the warm greeting we received from the staff and the expert cooking of Alberto, the pizza chef there. He, like all former residents of the Naples region cooks with passion and pride. He even brought us some delicious mandarins at the end of the meal to cleanse our chilli/red wine/ anchovy infused palates.

No fake ham toppings here! This place is GLORIOUS. There may be a wait due to popular demand, and the fact that good things take time. It's always going to be worth the wait.

23 Rokeby Rd
Subiaco 6008 WA
Phone: (08) 9388 6710

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